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The Titty ‘Spection Agency (TSA)

Friday, January 14th, 2011

Not too long ago, I was watching Saturday Night Live and they did a spoof sex line commercial portraying the Transportation Security Administration as the people you will talk to. While I thought the bit was funny, I also thought people have been drastically over-reacting to the TSA and their new pat-down procedures. That was until this week.

TSA Physical

Turn your head and cough, please.

On Monday morning, I flew from Kansas City to the west coast. With the weather conditions we had here in KC, I left early for the airport and ended up getting there with much time to spare. I grabbed a bite to eat then proceeded to a lengthy line to get through security. While waiting in line to prove my identity, I could see the TSA hard at work with their pat-down procedures. I watched two people get the rubber glove treatment. Both of the individuals were at least 70 years-old, it appeared. One man; one woman. It took me about 4 or 5 minutes to get through the line, and for the entire duration, the two were being rubbed and frisked. I truly felt like the lights should be dimmed and there should be some Sinatra playing over the PA system. I felt as though I was watching a complete body massage. Fortunately I got to the check-in point and lost site of the TSA agents before I could see if there was a happy ending for either of the two elderly people.

I was, however, thankful… I felt very secure as it was so reassuring to know these two people were not going to bring my plane down. I know my government is looking after my well-being, making sure grandma and grandpa were free of any weapons or explosives. In reality, I know now what I felt when the TSA was formed after 9/11 — our government really shouldn’t be heading security at the airports. What they do is more for show than really to protect us. They are there to create a false sense of security. And until recent times, that has mostly worked. But now, they are proving to be the joke that they are. We have people making ~$29,131 per year that should be making $8/hour at Walmart or $1.99/minute on a sex line that nobody would call.

TSA Breast Inspection

Any explosives in there, grandma?

Just this past week, it was announced that the TSA’s show is not all about showing the public how safe they are making our airports and flights, but that they also seem to like the show they receive when they give their massages. Lynsie Murley sued the TSA last year and has now settled for an undisclosed amount after her breasts were exposed during a pat-down. The event became a laughing matter, so it seems, for the TSA members around. Their “attention to detail” and joking around about it has led to some sort of a payday for Murley. I bet the payday was not insignificant. Many of you will also recall that last November, John Tyner’s encounter in which he proclaimed “…touch my junk and I will have you arrested” prior to his pat-down received much publicity, as he secretly recorded the “private” meeting with the TSA on his cell phone. Without rehashing the whole story here, I encourage you to read his blog post here or watch a Fox News story about it below.

Personally, I have not had the privilege in all of my flights of late to get my personal pat-down, though I must admit I am anxious to have one. Would certainly make my flight a bit more relaxing, having received a thorough massage with a happy ending (I just wonder if they will provide a cigarette afterwords). While I haven’t received that special treatment, I have twice been through the new full-body-imaging scanners. I know some people feel this is a total invasion of privacy, but to me, I feel happy that I am able to make some pervert’s day. My only real surprise is that the images acquired haven’t been leaked in a new WikiLeaks scandal. That day will likely come, I am sure.

I leave you with the clip from SNL’s parody on the TSA. It is well worth the watch. Enjoy your flight. Maybe my long trip to Maui next week will be kicked off with a bang… almost literally. After all, the skies are much more friendly these days (or at least the pre-flight, I should say).

If you want to read some more pat-downs gone wrong, check out this link. Even more, if you are currently working at McDonald’s or Walmart and would prefer a titillating job with the TSA, you can apply on-line here.


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Happy 1.1.11

Saturday, January 1st, 2011

Happy new year to all of my family and friends. I have no doubt that 2011 is going to be a crazy and chaotic year (thanks, Braelyn & Brody). I just hope it will be a better year than 2010–not that 2010 was all that bad, but you always hope things get better with time.

Braelyn turns three next Sunday, and she’s so excited for her Minnie Mouse birthday party next Saturday. She picked out the cake and everything. Crazy how much she has grown over the past year, as shown in her Christmas pictures from Dec. 24th 2009 and 2010.

Braelyn also just started preschool. She went for a practice day last Thursday, and Monday will be her first official day of pre-school. That and her weekly gymnastics on Saturday are two of her favorite things… aside from any toy that Brody happens to be playing with.

Speaking of the Brodster… he turned one in September and is quite the character. He, too, has grown considerably.

Brody begins toddler school on Monday, at the same place Braelyn goes (La Petite Academy). He loved the place last Thursday when we dropped Braelyn off… so much he got mad when he had to leave. So thankfully, both kids should do well in their new school.

Rebecca is loving her job at Treo Solutions, though she travels to Albany, NY a bit more than I enjoy. I do not think I am cut out to be the primary care giver. Rebecca is awesome at it… I just am “OK” at it. For 2011, Rebecca has vowed to not be grumpy (I give it < 1 day till she breaks that one), to give up soda (Diet Coke has been her cocaine), and until we go to Maui (January 17!!!), she vows she isn't drinking a drop of alcohol. Best of luck to her as she takes on these three monumental tasks at once. She is one tough cookie, though, so I bet she gets 2 of the 3. Spencer is doing real well in his junior year at Blue Valley Northwest High School. He has had a tough past year, with two friends taking their own life. He is a strong kid, and has pulled through. He really is turning into a fine young man. Says his mom is already going through a state of depression, trying to deal with Spencer being out of high school in a year and a half. Something tells me it's more Spencer than his mom, at least at this point. Something else tells me Spencer will be around a year or two after he graduates... time will tell. The big dawg Hoover is doing well. Still a bit gimp from his bad legs, but he is handling quite well. He has even been going up and down the stairs to the basement quite a bit of late. He's a great dog... and just over 5 years old. We will have had Hoover for 5 years in just a few weeks. As for me, I'm doing well. Lost about 12 pounds in the past month, but not completely by diet and exercise changes... while I have been going to the gym a bit more of late, I also took back to my old bad habit of chewing which I gave up on January 1st of last year. It really surpresses my appetite. I made it to labor day weekend without one, but only had a few while at the Gorge. Then I resumed on a regular basis the last week of November. I intend to quit it again right after Maui. I need to keep up the weight loss until then! Work is going strong and keeping me busy... a good thing. Resolutions for me for 2011? Not much, really. Will quit chewing again after Maui. Still don't drink pop (gave that up last NYE). I guess just keep going to the gym and eat better. Be healthy. Yep... sounds familiar, I am sure. Oh, the other thing... as of today, I have seperated my twitter and facebook accounts, and do not intend to post status updates via either. I have grown tired of that, and realize it's pretty much a big waste of time. As such, more about me and my happenings will be found right here on Oh, and twitter will become more of a work thing for me. Less personal, more professional. That's the plan, anyway. To any of you who have stumbled upon this, in whatever manner you came, thanks for stopping by and reading. I hope you have a tremendous 2011. It will be quite a year... and one without my beloved Dave Matthews Band since they are taking the year off. Ugggghhhhhhh. Peace, RE

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DMB, Vegas, the Wife and a Birthday

Monday, December 14th, 2009

First, happy belated birthday to my wife Rebecca. She turned 3X last Friday (Dec. 11), and we spent her birthday and a few days surrounding it in Sin City. While what happens in Vegas is supposed to stay in Vegas, I will share a bit.

On Thursday and Friday, we enjoyed two Dave & Tim shows. This was the first time Rebecca has experienced Dave & Tim… and the two nights were awesome. We heard Angel from Montgomery, which was the first time Dave or the full band has performed it since August of 2001. That was a nice surprise. On her birthday, we heard Rebecca’s two most-desired Dave songs: Crash and Satellite. Yep, she walked down the isle to the riff of Satellite when we got married, and we enjoyed our first dance as a married couple to none-other-than Crash. We also heard a new, never-before-played song by Dave: After The Gold Rush. Dave played it on piano. When he went over to the piano, I was certain he was playing Out of My Hands, but no… he had a surprise for us! It was awesome. Dave said he screwed it up, but since it was the first time ever playing it, who was to know? The concerts were definitely great. I wish I had been at the Saturday concert, as I would have gotten to hear A Christmas Song, which was the one song I really wanted to hear. Oh well, we enjoed Mystere, the Cirque De Sole show. Second time I have seen it, but the first for Rebecca and Eli & Heather Bowman, our friends who joined us on the trip.

Ok, since I am often asked, that makes my 68th Dave show. It may actually be a couple more than that, but I think I have captured all that I can remember on’s website. Click that link if you want to see the exciting stats of my shows.

On Thursday, we had a wonderful… and I mean WONDERFUL… dinner at Prime, a steakhouse in the Bellagio. Our table overlooked the fountains. While expensive, it was a great meal no doubt.

Eli told me on the trip that they say you should walk 10,000 steps a day for health. I am healthy for the next few months based on our excursions in the bitter air in Vegas.

Well, that’s enough for now. Happy Holidays… and by that I mean Merry Christmas… to ya’ll out there (sorry, Obama… America is a Christian country, no matter what you say). Excited to see what changes 2010 will bring… 2009 has been a somewhat up-and-down year for me. Definitely up from a family perspective, mixed on the work side of things, and down on some other items which aren’t exactly things I want to post about. I am just thankful I have a great job in this economy, have the most awesome baby girl in the world, was blessed with the birth of my son this year, my step-son is doing better in school and is an awesome big brother to Braelyn and Brody, and my wife is the best (wrinkles and all!). I am also blessed to have such a great family and for all of my friends.

Here’s to a great 2010, including another “change” in Washington DC that will hopefully offset some of the change we’re seeing from the current mess in the corrupt capitol.


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Late Night Ramblings

Tuesday, May 26th, 2009

I keep telling myself I should get more consistent at writing some of my thoughts, as they seem to be short-lived the older I get. And while I would love to dissect specific topics and share my views, I have decided on this somewhat sleepless night, to just ramble the thoughts going through my head. So, here goes…

* Drove to Colorado last Thursday night to attend my nephew Nathan’s high school graduation in Fort Collins. Thursday was a pretty hectic day at work, and I wasn’t sure if I was still up for an all night drive. Well, I guess I wasn’t. The drive took just over 9 hours of drive time. I think I drove 4 hours, Rebecca took over for about 2 while I took a cat nap, I drove, then she drove, then I drove again. Anyway, we made it, and Braelyn slept for the most part. Stopping for gas would wake her up and she would fuss a bit, but all-in-all, pretty good traveler she was.

* Speaking of stopping for gas… the tides turned this year. Last year gas was cheaper in Kansas, as I recall, and quite a bit more pricey in Colorado. This year, gas in Colorado was about 25 cents a gallon cheaper than Kansas. I am pretty sure that we just plain get screwed on gas during the summer. Some say they bring out the “summer blend” which is less pollutant. I say they jack up the prices because they know people will be traveling more.

* Further thought on gas… at the lake last week, gas was over $2.64 per gallon (on the water). This is a significant improvement over last year’s prices which were in excess of $4.25 per gallon. We’ll see next time I am down there if my theory of sticking it to the consumer is right… now that Memorial Day has come, the boat season is officially on and I bet gas prices have shot up on the lake.

* Back to graduation and the trip to Colorado. It was great to see my parents, both of my sisters, my two awesome brother-in-laws, and all of my nephews and nieces. A mini family reunion! Had a great time seeing everyone. Wish I could have seen my grandma and my grandpa, but grandma doesn’t travel anymore because of her age and arthritis, and grandpa doesn’t travel much as his Alzheimers continues to progress (such a sick, sick disease).

* I am so proud of Nate… he is an awesome “kid”, or should I say, young man. He had a lot of fun, and I could definitely tell he was happy reaching this milestone in life. It was awesome he let Spencer hang out with him a bunch… made it a great trip for Spencer.

* Two of the Lecher kids are now graduated… or, “gradumamated” as Nate calls it.

* Sidebar: watching the Tonight Show with Jay Leno… it’s the final week with Jay as host after 17 years. He has owned the late night ratings for 15 of the years, but I suspect Dave Letterman will take that title over real soon, as I don’t think the traditional Tonight Show audience is going to enjoy the ever annoying Conan O’brien. Time will tell, but I predict a turn-about in ratings.

* The world is in a mess, and while many are thankful Obama is “in charge”, I for one am not. With North Korea going nuts, I really wish we had a better commander in chief. I fear we will “talk” our way into a major issue with them… those nuts aren’t messing around. I don’t really mean this, but I sometimes think we should show them the power of the nuke and show ’em just how dangerous they are. As I said, I don’t really mean that, but we better not tinker around here. We must take some serious action before they do.

* So, California’s supreme court says no-no to gay marriage, except for the 18,000 that did it before the election in November. Surprisingly, as a very conservative person, this is just one of those topics I don’t really have a solid opinion on. In this, the land of the free, who are we to tell people who they can be with and who they can’t? While we don’t have to condone or agree with things, this is the land of diversity and I hate to see people not have the right to be who they are, and to be with whomever they want. I don’t think it really hurts us as a society for gays to be married. Of course there is the argument that it can run insurance and medical costs up because of the associated risks of AIDS and whatnot, I think we have a lot of other issues affecting us economically that don’t infringe upon people’s rights. There are a lot of “legal” things that I don’t agree with, but that doesn’t mean they should be illegal. Oh well, just some ranting on a topic that I, as I said before, don’t have a real solid opinion on, though I guess as I typed this, maybe I do… Hope I don’t get banned from the Republican Party or the Christian religion for my thoughts on it.

* Tomorrow (Wednesday) marks Hoover’s four week mark after his leg surgery. Four more weeks until he gets checked-up, and hopefully cleared to increase his activity. Hoover has pretty well decided he is done with his no activity period, and we find it harder by the day to keep the big dawg down. Tonight he wanted to jump and play and it took some serious force and stern words to get him to refrain. Poor guy… just wants to have some fun! And Sophie wasn’t helping…. she wants to play, too. She kept bringing toys over and dropping them in front of Hooverm trying to entice him into play. Fortunately, from my perspective, he seems to be getting much better, and I certainly hope a month from now, he will get cleared to run a bit!

* Braelyn continues to grow, run, play, make messes…. she is such a doll. One thing is she seems to find countless ways to get bruised. From running into walls and doors, to tripping over imaginary lines, the girl is showing some marks! Good thing is she is rarely hurt… hopefully she will progress quickly into a bit more control! Her curiosity definitely gets the best of her at times. She is going to be a great big sister, though… she knows where the baby is now. Well, she has narrowed it down at least… sometimes it’s in Rebecca’s tummy and other times it is in her tummy!

* The ‘rents are going on a 2500 mile or so journey in about a week, with a final stop through OP next Friday/Saturday. Will be great to see them again, even though its only been a few days.

* Hope the Nuggets make it to the finals! While I like Coach Phil and the Lakers as a rule, I don’t much care for Kobe Bryant, and would love to see Denver do well! Of course, I really don’t care for the NBA, so let’s just scrap this point altogether.

* Learned some sad news when in Fort Collins. One of my all-time favorite teachers, Tom Staffelino, has cancer and isn’t expected to make it more than another week or two. I really loved this guy as a teacher, and really got to know him on more of a personal level after high school when I was officiating high school sports and when I did my student teaching at Kelly Walsh High School. I hate to see the good ones go down. Staff, or Coach Staff as we all called him, was probably my second favorite teacher in Junior/Senior High School. Bill Callahan was definitely my all time favorite, and he passed quite a few years ago. Mr. Bocott, my 6th grade teacher, was in my top few, and he, too, has already passed. Other notable teachers were Mrs. Finchem (3rd grade), who I believe is still kickin’ it, and Ms. Simons (also still kickin’). I’m sure there are more, but these few definitely left lasting impressions on me in a positive way. I had those that left non-positive impressions, too… one old hag who taught physics but thankfully I can’t remember her name… man, she was a beyatch…. oh, I digress. Anyway, my thoughts and prayers are with Staff and his family and friends. His life was spent grooming young men and women to make something of themselves… and he succeeded.

* Of A Revolution (O.A.R.) concert coming up on June 6th at Sandstone… can’t wait! One of my favorite bands.

* Dave Matthews Band new studio album comes out Tuesday… Big Whiskey and the GrooGrux King. Can’t wait to get it. Also can’t wait until June 17 (Rebecca and my third anniversary)… we will be spending it in St Louis at the DMB concert. Great way to celebrate our anniversary!

Well, I think that’s enough rambling for tonight. You can see my head wanders a lot…. maybe blogging it will help me get to sleep. I will finish my glass of A to Z wine and turn off the tube.

Hey, life is short… we are all on this earth for a millisecond in time… make the best of it, enjoy it, and be happy. Catch me on twitter (@relledge) for my thoughts in 140 characters or less at a time.



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Tuesday, October 21st, 2008

So I just stepped in from the sun for a few, here in Maui Paradise. I can feel my sun burn already, and I still have 4 more days here. It is definitely nice to get away. Glad my mom and Braelyn came with us… Braelyn has a ball in the pool. She’s in taking a nap right now. I should do the same… doing nothing makes you tired!

Haven’t been blogging much lately, as you have probably noticed. Too disgusted with things, which should make me write more. I have learned over the past few weeks that America desires to be socialistic and wishes to penalize those who do well to compensate for those who choose not to. Hey, I am all for helping out those truly in need; but America seems to be heading towards a country which will enable those who simply choose not to. And, it is those of us who “Do” who will pay more for those who won’t. I guess I have become a minority in the country. Damn you, Bush. It’s all your fault. We’ll see how rosy everything is when the Dems control everything. Oh well, we’ll see if they point the finger back at themselves over the next few years. Doubt it…. highly doubt it.

While I haven’t been blogging as much, I have started twittering… you can see my recent twitters on my home page. You can also subscribe to follow my tweets by going to . If you don’t know what twitter is, check it out. Heck, start tweeting yourself and drop me a line so I can follow your tweets.

Well, no sense wasting a beautiful day in here on the laptop. Time to head back out for some more sun. Oh, if you want to see the most beautiful girl in the world, be sure to check out my gallery… pictures from both Halloween and the Maui 2008 trip are uploading as I speak.

Hope the Hoovemeister is doing well. I’m sure he’ll forgive me for getting out of town for a week.

Back to the sun….


In Maui at a Luau

In Maui at a Luau

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The Big 80-90

Thursday, August 7th, 2008

Hard to believe, really, but within a two week span, my grandfather (mom’s dad) turned 80 and in less than two days now, my grandma (dad’s mom) turns 90. Last week, Rebecca, Spencer, Lil B and I traveled to Casper (plane to Denver, rental car to Casper) to celebrate the two huge milestones. Sitting here at 36 years old, I can’t imagine what it would be like to be 80 or even 90 years old. Both grandma and grandpa are in good health, though grandma suffers from arthritis which landed her in the hospital for over a week and my grandpa is in the early, but apparently progressing rapidly, stages of alzheimer’s. Grandma isn’t moving around too well, though better than I figured she would. And grandpa goes “distant” on us, but to me, he does a good job of being on top of things.

We were fortunate enough to see, and introduce Braelyn to, a large number of my family members. We saw my mom’s aunt Betty, my uncle Randay (whom I haven’t seen in I don’t know how many years), my cousins Jamie and Chris (Randy’s daughter and son), Tom and Janice (kinda like aunt/uncle, but not really), my cousin Heather and her husband Dale along with their kids Christian and Justin, my aunt and uncle Fred and Lynda (Lynda is my mom’s sister), my cousin Jason and his wife Dawne, along with Madison (daughter) and newborn Luke (one month younger than Braelyn), plus my absent cousin Josh’s daughter Karleigh (doubt I spelled that right). Also saw my dad’s cousin Mike Elledge and wife Judy, friend and baseball teammate from way back Tony Cerullo (who’s grandma Betty lives with my grandpa now). Tony’s wife, their kids, Tony’s brother Adam, and parents including Geno whom I haven’t seen in forever. Of course, my sisters Wendy and Stephanie were both there, along with their spouses (Tony and Mike) and kids (Brandon, Nate, Courtney, Keegan from the Lecher side and Ashley and Stevie from Steph’s side). Yep, mom and dad were there, of course, as well as probably a ton of people I can’t remember right now as I type this. Tried to list as many names as I could to give some shout-outs to the family who may see this. If I left you off, let me know and I will edit and add ya, since it was purely accidental. Missed seeing, only by a day, my cousin Heidi and her kids as well as her brother (thus also my cousin) Paul. They showed up to spend some time with grandma.

Whew. Lot of family. Funny thing is at any given time, nearly all of the above were over at my parents’ house! In fact, the ‘rents parked their RV (aren’t you glad you still have it, mom?) in their back yard (redneck city!) and Heather, Dale and the boys stayed in it. Had a great time visiting and relaxing with the family. Spent a lot of time listening to Mike Elledge and Fred play the guitar every night, which ultimately broke out into song and all. Also spent a tremendous amount of time playing on Fred’s Martin Backpack guitar. Small and weird to play, but I really enjoyed it. So much so that I went to Guitar Center yesterday to get me one… but they were sold out. Oh well, maybe someday soon. Christian, who is 14 years old, and I spent a lot of time on it. Thanks to him for teaching me some things (Fred, too). We learned Jason Mraz’s I’m Yours song and Dueling Banjos from the movie Deliverance. Also learned Blackbird by the Beatles (I think) but known more to me as Dave Matthews covers it frequently. Probably spent more time hammering away on the guitar with Christian than I have in months! I am definitely reenergized from a guitar perspective. Christian, who I must say is an awesome kid, has been playing less time than me but has progressed much faster. I think it’s because he spends far more time on it than I am able to, plus he works it not only in school but often with Fred. If I had someone to “jam” (I can hardly jam) with, no doubt I would spend more time on it. Once a week with lessons (less frequent now since Scott, my instructor, is out-of-town getting married and honey-mooning) just doesn’t get me where I would love to be.

Anyway, some great hilights from the trip include:

  • Seeing grandpa sing some karaoke at the bowling alley
  • Two trips up to the cabin… sorry grandma didn’t make it
  • Seeing grandma, at almost 90, hang till past midnight on two nights!
  • Seeing my oldest sister, Stephanie, really enjoying life
  • Seeing both of my sisters really get along (not that they don’t often, but they really seemed to have a good time together)
  • Watching my nieces fight over holding Lil’ B
  • Seeing the basement at mom & dad’s prepped for Big B to move in in less than a month while he goes to Casper College (aka Harvard on the Hill)
  • Seeing my nephew Nathan really coming into his own and getting the crowd roarin’ with Karaoke — quite the country singer he is!
  • Seeing nephew Keegan really growing up and becoming yet another awesome kid!
  • Watching nephew Stevie take to the guitar, along with karate chopping me a bit here and there
  • Seeing just how grown up my niece Ashley has become — oh, and watching her and Spencer pretend not to like each other!
  • Throwing down a bunch of Fat Tire with the family (sorry Christian, you just aren’t old enough yet!)
  • Witnessing my dad (and I) exercise extreme patience (not kiddin’) with all of the commotion
  • Witnessing my mom, as usual, being so dedicated to her family

There was so much more to the weekend, but that is a short list of the hilights. All-in-all, it was great to see the family. It was like two family reunions combined into one. Just sorry I didn’t get to see Ron, Shelli, Paul, Heidi and kids, and Josh. Maybe at 90 & 100 I guess!

Well, Rebecca is at the gym playing raquetball with Holly (Rebecca’s first time ever) then doing some running and whatnot. Braelyn is up in bed (gonna go check on her now), Hoover is laying by my desk (surprise, surprise) and Spencer is over at a friend’s house for the night (surprise, surprise…. wonder what mischief they are up to tonight). Guess I’m gonna go relax a bit and watch the boob tube and fall asleep. Just had a few moments so thought I would blog about the last weekend. I think I have about 545 pictures almost finished uploading in the gallery (Under PLACES > CASPER > AUGUST 2008). Thankfully I didn’t take so many the camera would break, but I came close!

Cya for now,


**NO BO** — **GO USA**

Oh yeah, poker on Saturday night. C’mon over!

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Ryan is Old; Nate is Good!

Friday, February 22nd, 2008

So, my body feels old. I have been here at Keystone skiing (yesterday) and snow boarding (today). My body hurts. Didn’t fall once skiing, despite it having been four years since I last went skiing. Today on the snow board, much different story. I was definitely “one with the mountain” but not in the way I would have preferred. Thankfully after my last snow boarding experience (4 years ago — my first boarding) I learned that it is cool to wear a helmet! My head feels much better today than it did 4 years back. My thighs… not so much. My legs get so tired that I don’t use proper mechanics and end up fighting it all the way down. Tomorrow, we’ll see if I can do a bit better.

Speaking of doing a bit better… my nephew Nathan is wrestling at the 5A State Tournament in Denver, Co. He came in as a four seed. Yesterday, he knocked off a #1 seed. Today, he knocked off a #2 seed. Tonight, he is in the semi-finals at 135 pounds and wrestles the #1 seed from his region. They have met only once this year, and Nate wasn’t on the winning side. Paybacks are hell. I really want him to win… if he does, he is in the ‘Ship! And, if he’s in the ‘ship, I will be there! The Championship matches begin tomorrow night at 6pm. Plenty of time for me to board a bit, hurt myself more, and head to Denver to watch Nate go for a title. Hope so!

Braelyn just did a liquid sounding, um, #2. Thankfully Rebecca is holding her so it’s her turn to change the diaper. Finally. Rebecca has really been a slacker when it comes to changing diapers.

Getting ready to head to the top of the mountain to eat at a fondue restaurant. Should be good.

Signing off from Keystone, where it has been beautiful, no wind, good snow, and more snow due tonight. Almost makes me not think about the HC and keeping her out of the White House. Looks like Obama is making a hard run at being the Dem nomination. Better him than her, but he is such a good speaker, people may vote for him just so they can wash away the blunders from Bush. Long way to go. McCain is our man, I guess. As long as he stays in his wife’s pants and no one elses, he’ll be the nom.

Peace, ya’ll.


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Warm in Arizona

Saturday, January 19th, 2008

Woke up this morning, well, actually about 20 minutes ago, here in Phoenix, Arizona.  I’m out here for work as we reunited the data center moving crew.  By Monday morning, we will have completely moved out of our old facility in Phoenix and into the new.  This time we’re doing it in a controlled, non-emergency manner so it is much nicer.  The best is that as of next week, we will no longer be relying on the former owners–Ivan and Lilian Vachovsky.  I must say, in the past year and a half I have been with Aplus.Net, it never surprises me to learn more about how unethical these two people are.  Blame it on cultural differences or whatever, but these people just flat cause so many problems by making up their own rules.  I could go on and on about them, but I am just thankful the ties are almost completely severed.

Spoke to Rebecca and she said it is COLD in the OP.  Like, single digit cold.  Not sure yet what it is here in AZ, but it was mid-60’s yesterday.  I bet we’re about the same today.  Since we don’t meet up to commence today’s working chores until tonight at 6:00 pm MST, I have to figure something out to do today.  Should have brought my golf clubs.

Rebecca said the baby slept well through the night… only one wake-up for food!  Sure, the cute little girl waits till daddy is out of town to sleep that much.  Really, though, we have only had one "rough" night.  I sure miss her.  Rebecca sent me a photo text message last night while I was working… what a cutie my baby girl is.

Politically, I think my supporting Mike Huckabee is weakening–probably not even existing anymore.  Though I like his fair tax plan, I have learned much more about the candidate that makes me not want to support him. Primarily, the following:

  • The NEA endorsed him.  This guy must be as close to a liberal as possible to achieve that endorsement.
  • History of tax increases as governor.  Again, not the Republican way.  He is, of course, denying this but I can figure out who’s right with a little research I am sure.
  • Supporting constitutional amendments regarding same-sex marriage and abortion.  Now, while I don’t agree with either, I do not like the government changing the constitution on these things.  The strength of our government is the Constitution.  If we start amending it for political/religious reasons, well, I just can’t support that.

So the new big question is, who will I support?  I haven’t decided, but here’s some thoughts on the various contenders:

  • Rudy – I wanted to support him for the last few years (before he ran!).  I just can’t.  He’s dull, doesn’t seem to really have much of an exciting platform.  He’s not going anywhere.
  • Fred Thompson – Get back onto TV, dude.  All you do is attack your opponents.  I think your position on anything is just to attack whoever is leading in a particular state.  C’mon… your politics disgust me.
  • Ron Paul – Man, you’re just a freaking nut job.  I can’t support a guy like this… just can’t.  He is OUT THERE.
  • Romney – seems like a used car salesman running for President.  Looks like he might be the guy who gets the Republican nomination… but I have no idea why.  I don’t know much about this guy, but he seems shady.
  • McCain – man, you’re old and tough.  I like the tough.  But, you are a career politician.  That, I don’t like.  I don’t think there is possibly anything new you can bring to the country.  I want something different; better.  Not a career politician.  Yet, you’re probably the best of the rest.

Where does this leave me?  Who knows.  I know I can never support Hilary C or Obama, and dread even thinking about one of these two being Preisdent… but my party sure doesn’t have much of anything to put up against the Dems.  Thankfully, I have some time to figure this out.  I’m just upset Bush has put us in such a bad dituation with this election.  Bush is responsible for us losing the Senate and Congress.  Next, I think we lose the White House.  All this will mean for me is the United States will  become more socialistic and more of my paycheck will go to pay for it.  Great.  Let me pay for MORE wasteful government spending and MORE of society who just won’t work for themselves.

Now, I am depressed.  Time to get up and go do something fun.

Ciao from Arizona.  Honey, I miss you and the baby and I’ll see you tomorrow!

Go Patriots!  Stop the HC!


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Almost Like Being There

Thursday, November 15th, 2007

Sitting here in my office at the Dave Matthews Band concert. Thanks, AT&T. I cancelled your phone service today, but you are allowing me to watch the DMB concert live over the web… for free! You rock, AT&T! On a day you lost my MRC of $77, you gave me a free concert. I appreciate it.

Tomorrow, or maybe Saturday, or then again, maybe Sunday, we will venture to Casper W-Y-O for Thanksgiving. Spencer, Hoover, Rebecca and I. I need to figure out how to fit my guitar in the car, too. Had practice tonight and made some good progress. Can’t let it slide for over a week. Problem is the Escalade is gonna be full. Oh well, we’ll see what we do.

After tonight’s concert, it will be off to the gym for my arms workout and some cardio. Yee haw.

Spoke to soon about ATT. Concert froze… but now it’s back on.

Lost 7+ pounds in 3 weeks. Nothing off the waist line though. It’ll come.

Ok, done typing. What Would You Say is now playing.

Peace. Vote Republican.

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Was It The Last of 2007?

Sunday, October 7th, 2007

What a beautiful, peaceful, quiet weekend at the lake. The temperatures were in the upper 80’s. The water temperature was about 80… felt a bit cooler than the last trip, but not too bad. Rebecca (and the baby, of course), Spencer, Spencer’s friend Phillip, and the entire Murphy clan joined me for our second “last” trip to the lake in 2007. I know I will be down there at least one more time, but not for a weekend of fun. Just to get the boat cleaned and winterized. Probably do that the weekend after our Halloween party.

Not many boats or people at the lake this time of year, which made the water much calmer. We enjoyed some water skiing (yes, I got up the first time and every time I tried) and some tubing. The tubing was intense; a lot of fun. Little Jacob loved it… until a little tiny fish jumped in the tube. That was about enough for him. We did finally get him back into it today, but that fish was in his head.

So, I won’t be able to do it justice in this post, but thinking about Jacob reminds me of probably the funniest thing I have ever seen. Let me set the stage.

It’s Saturday night. We all went to a go kart and miniature golf place. Hardly a sole there. We played 18 on the mini golf; Gabe won, Michael took 2nd, and I took 3rd. Not sure that Michael’s scores were exactly correct, but hey, he has a birthday on Tuesday so we’ll let it fly. Anyway, after golf we went to the go karts; no one there but the 3 workers. The three little ones get to ride on the the mini karts by themselves; Brock, Lauren and Jacob. Quite cute as they raced in their circle. Brock did a good job of keeping Lauren behind him, crashing twice while she tried passing. The guy finally let Lauren go ahead of Brock to prevent another crash.

Then, the fun began. Little Jacob didn’t quite grasp the whole driving thing. Well, he figured out the gas pedal, but not the brakes. And he also had to look at us everytime he went by…the kid can drive one way while looking another. Until the time he came crashing into the wall, head on. That was hilarious; but, the best was yet to come.

The two guys working the track had their share of near misses while trying to uncrash the crashes and what not. One time, the taller of the two had to try and jump on the front of Jacob’s car to stop him. he did, but the guy fell backwards and the steel track gaurd split this guys cheeks. He bounced up like “it ain’t no thing” but his hat and sun glasses remained on the track. At about this time, Jacob punched it again, the guy got out of his way, but the glasses and hat were no match for Jacob and his kart. Smash went the glasses. I hurt so hard from trying not to laugh out loud… the guy was sooo mad, but he controlled it well. He could hardly walk; and we could not look at him or he would see us in tears from the laughter. Stephanie gave him a $20 to replace his $5 glasses and we rushed off to the big track, where the guy followed as he had to work it as well. Seriously, this would have been a $10k video winner on America’s Funniest Home Videos. Ahhh…

Well, gonna watch some tv now. Rebecca is trying to get to sleep; she left the lake at 4am today to get back for the Chiefs game. She’s tired. The Chiefs got beat 17-7 (with their 7 on the last play of the game). It was so awesome listening to their beating all the way home. But then, wtf happend to the Broncos?!?! Don’t want to talk about it. Go Rockies!

Speaking of Rockies, read in the Casper Journal that the Casper Rockies may soon be the Casper Ghosts. Could that be a sign of what is to come of the team?

Doctor update: my bad cholesterol was at 176… I now take medicine. Blood pressure and cholesterol medicine now. Great. Meeting with a nutritionist on Tuesday, followed by a trainer. Let’s see how that goes!

Peace, ya’ll.

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