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Happy 1.1.11

Saturday, January 1st, 2011

Happy new year to all of my family and friends. I have no doubt that 2011 is going to be a crazy and chaotic year (thanks, Braelyn & Brody). I just hope it will be a better year than 2010–not that 2010 was all that bad, but you always hope things get better with time.

Braelyn turns three next Sunday, and she’s so excited for her Minnie Mouse birthday party next Saturday. She picked out the cake and everything. Crazy how much she has grown over the past year, as shown in her Christmas pictures from Dec. 24th 2009 and 2010.

Braelyn also just started preschool. She went for a practice day last Thursday, and Monday will be her first official day of pre-school. That and her weekly gymnastics on Saturday are two of her favorite things… aside from any toy that Brody happens to be playing with.

Speaking of the Brodster… he turned one in September and is quite the character. He, too, has grown considerably.

Brody begins toddler school on Monday, at the same place Braelyn goes (La Petite Academy). He loved the place last Thursday when we dropped Braelyn off… so much he got mad when he had to leave. So thankfully, both kids should do well in their new school.

Rebecca is loving her job at Treo Solutions, though she travels to Albany, NY a bit more than I enjoy. I do not think I am cut out to be the primary care giver. Rebecca is awesome at it… I just am “OK” at it. For 2011, Rebecca has vowed to not be grumpy (I give it < 1 day till she breaks that one), to give up soda (Diet Coke has been her cocaine), and until we go to Maui (January 17!!!), she vows she isn't drinking a drop of alcohol. Best of luck to her as she takes on these three monumental tasks at once. She is one tough cookie, though, so I bet she gets 2 of the 3. Spencer is doing real well in his junior year at Blue Valley Northwest High School. He has had a tough past year, with two friends taking their own life. He is a strong kid, and has pulled through. He really is turning into a fine young man. Says his mom is already going through a state of depression, trying to deal with Spencer being out of high school in a year and a half. Something tells me it's more Spencer than his mom, at least at this point. Something else tells me Spencer will be around a year or two after he graduates... time will tell. The big dawg Hoover is doing well. Still a bit gimp from his bad legs, but he is handling quite well. He has even been going up and down the stairs to the basement quite a bit of late. He's a great dog... and just over 5 years old. We will have had Hoover for 5 years in just a few weeks. As for me, I'm doing well. Lost about 12 pounds in the past month, but not completely by diet and exercise changes... while I have been going to the gym a bit more of late, I also took back to my old bad habit of chewing which I gave up on January 1st of last year. It really surpresses my appetite. I made it to labor day weekend without one, but only had a few while at the Gorge. Then I resumed on a regular basis the last week of November. I intend to quit it again right after Maui. I need to keep up the weight loss until then! Work is going strong and keeping me busy... a good thing. Resolutions for me for 2011? Not much, really. Will quit chewing again after Maui. Still don't drink pop (gave that up last NYE). I guess just keep going to the gym and eat better. Be healthy. Yep... sounds familiar, I am sure. Oh, the other thing... as of today, I have seperated my twitter and facebook accounts, and do not intend to post status updates via either. I have grown tired of that, and realize it's pretty much a big waste of time. As such, more about me and my happenings will be found right here on Oh, and twitter will become more of a work thing for me. Less personal, more professional. That's the plan, anyway. To any of you who have stumbled upon this, in whatever manner you came, thanks for stopping by and reading. I hope you have a tremendous 2011. It will be quite a year... and one without my beloved Dave Matthews Band since they are taking the year off. Ugggghhhhhhh. Peace, RE

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Merry Christmas

Thursday, December 24th, 2009

I guess it’s only Christmas Eve right now, but nonetheless, Merry Christmas to you. I hope you and your family have a safe and joyous Christmas Eve and Day.

In just a few hours, Rebecca, Braelyn, Brody, Spencer and I will head to a church service and then home to open up presents. While this will be Brody’s first Christmas, I really think this is going to be the first Christmas where Braelyn will just absolutely have a blast opening all of the presents, or “pretties” as she likes to call them. She understands this Santa Claus guy this year, but doesn’t quite realize that Santa is coming tonight to bring her plenty of toys and clothes. I know when she sat on Santa’s lap, when asked what she wanted for Christmas she whispered to him “can-e and toyz”. I wish I could have been there, but it happened while I was out-of-town for work. Anyway, tonight is going to be a blast, and then she’ll wake up and have another gift or two that Santa might put under the tree for her.

Brody will get his share of goodies, too… he just won’t really comprehend since he’s only a few months old. Next year I am sure he’ll grasp it, as I am quite certain his big sister Braelyn will explain it all to him once the tree goes up next November.

The biggest question I have is will Santa be good to Spencer? I suspect so, since Spencer has been, for the most part, a good little boy this year.

It will most definitely be a quieter Christmas… just the 5 of us, plus Hoover and Sophie. It will be sad not to experience it all with my family or Rebeccas, but that is what living in different parts of the country do for you. Rebecca’s family is scheduled to come up tomorrow for Christmas lunch, but those plans are in jeopardy as Old Man Winter plans on making an appearance tonight. Actually as I sit here in my home office and look out the window, I notice the wind has picked up (making me feel like I am back in Casper), it is drizzling rain and approaching freezing. Supposed to turn to snow after 5pm tonight, and they say we’ll get anywhere from 2 to 6 inches of snow. It will, most likely, be a White Christmas. They say that there hasn’t been a Christmas Day with 1″ or more of snow accumulation since 1969 here in the Kansas City area. That is crazy to think about. Sure there has been snow on the ground on Christmas Day, but actual snow fall on Christmas Day, not since 1969.

Crazy to think that this year is almost done… and a decade, as well. Just think, ten years ago we were all wondering if the world was coming to an end with the Y2K issue. Now, the same thoughts go through our heads, but it’s the government we need to worry about, not some potential computer hiccup. Yep, thanks to Santa Reid, a crazy version of health care reform passed vote this morning. I still hold out hope that the Senate and the House won’t get a compromise, but seems likely they will. Funny to think that Santa Reid has clauses (yes, pun intended) in there to prevent any future congress from removing parts of his bill. At least we can all be thankful that this congress knows so much more than all others before them and that will come after them. Thankfully, I am sure the courts will probably not allow some of this garbage.

Man, I guess it’s sad that I can’t even post a Merry Christmas blog without going down the PoliTICKS me OFF route. Sorry folks.

Anyway, to you and yours, have a Merry Christmas. I hope the real Santa Claus brings you everything you want.



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DMB, Vegas, the Wife and a Birthday

Monday, December 14th, 2009

First, happy belated birthday to my wife Rebecca. She turned 3X last Friday (Dec. 11), and we spent her birthday and a few days surrounding it in Sin City. While what happens in Vegas is supposed to stay in Vegas, I will share a bit.

On Thursday and Friday, we enjoyed two Dave & Tim shows. This was the first time Rebecca has experienced Dave & Tim… and the two nights were awesome. We heard Angel from Montgomery, which was the first time Dave or the full band has performed it since August of 2001. That was a nice surprise. On her birthday, we heard Rebecca’s two most-desired Dave songs: Crash and Satellite. Yep, she walked down the isle to the riff of Satellite when we got married, and we enjoyed our first dance as a married couple to none-other-than Crash. We also heard a new, never-before-played song by Dave: After The Gold Rush. Dave played it on piano. When he went over to the piano, I was certain he was playing Out of My Hands, but no… he had a surprise for us! It was awesome. Dave said he screwed it up, but since it was the first time ever playing it, who was to know? The concerts were definitely great. I wish I had been at the Saturday concert, as I would have gotten to hear A Christmas Song, which was the one song I really wanted to hear. Oh well, we enjoed Mystere, the Cirque De Sole show. Second time I have seen it, but the first for Rebecca and Eli & Heather Bowman, our friends who joined us on the trip.

Ok, since I am often asked, that makes my 68th Dave show. It may actually be a couple more than that, but I think I have captured all that I can remember on’s website. Click that link if you want to see the exciting stats of my shows.

On Thursday, we had a wonderful… and I mean WONDERFUL… dinner at Prime, a steakhouse in the Bellagio. Our table overlooked the fountains. While expensive, it was a great meal no doubt.

Eli told me on the trip that they say you should walk 10,000 steps a day for health. I am healthy for the next few months based on our excursions in the bitter air in Vegas.

Well, that’s enough for now. Happy Holidays… and by that I mean Merry Christmas… to ya’ll out there (sorry, Obama… America is a Christian country, no matter what you say). Excited to see what changes 2010 will bring… 2009 has been a somewhat up-and-down year for me. Definitely up from a family perspective, mixed on the work side of things, and down on some other items which aren’t exactly things I want to post about. I am just thankful I have a great job in this economy, have the most awesome baby girl in the world, was blessed with the birth of my son this year, my step-son is doing better in school and is an awesome big brother to Braelyn and Brody, and my wife is the best (wrinkles and all!). I am also blessed to have such a great family and for all of my friends.

Here’s to a great 2010, including another “change” in Washington DC that will hopefully offset some of the change we’re seeing from the current mess in the corrupt capitol.


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I Don’t Feel Well

Friday, November 20th, 2009

Not sure at all why all of the sudden, I am not feeling well. I think I have a cold, as does Rebecca, Spencer and Braelyn. I hope it is a cold and nothing but a cold. I also hope that the little man Brody doesn’t get it. Right now, he seems to be the only one in the house without, excluding Hoover of course. I guess it’s fitting that I would be sick on the day the senate will vote on its health care reform bill. Wait, I mean on the day of the NIGHT that the senate will vote on it. Call me crazy, but I think the mere fact that a vote is being called after hours is a bit telling. Call me even more crazy but a bill that people haven’t had the chance to read in its entirety and which has unclear price tags associated with it is also a bit telling.

I think a new change and a new hope will sweep the 2010 elections.

Our political system is corrupt and embarassing. Yep, I think that sums it up quite nicely.

Tomorrow, lil man Brody will fly on his first airplane ride. At just over two months, he, along with Rebecca, Braelyn, Spencer and I, will embark for windy Wyoming. I looked at the forecast for Casper for next week and the temperatures look like they will be okay, but I presume the small smudgy icon on a few of those days indicates wind. Oh, how I sure hope so! I do miss the wind. Anyway, it will be nice to get to introduce Brody to the rest of my family. He has met his grandma and grandpa, but now he is in for a complete treat… one full week of constant attention by his aunts Stephanie and Wendy, his uncles Mike and Tony, his cousins Brandon, Nate, Ashley, Courtney, Keegan and Stephen, and his great grandma Dorothy. Of course, g’ma and g’pa will probably give him a little attention, too. I must remind the Elledges, Lovatos and Lechers, though, that Princess Braelyn will be arriving as well, and should be showered with attention as well. Something tells me that won’t be an issue.

We will be in Casper Sunday afternoon through the following Saturday, and I do look forward to a wonderful Thanksgiving dinner with the family. Holidays are great. Just hope the plane rides with two under two’s will go ok. I suspect the rest of the passengers will hope the same….

Busy day today. Need to attempt to finish hanging the Christmas lights [holy cow, did I say Christmas instead of holiday? How dare me….] Squeeze in an abbreivated guitar lesson at 12:30 instead of a full hour at 2pm, as at 2pm we will be hauling some 300+ pounds of custom built baseball lockers up to the lil man’s room. Hopefully we can just strap them onto Hoover’s back and he can do most of the work for us. I am anxious to see the lockers… they have been being built for six or seven weeks now by a guy I found on Craigslist. I hope they look as good in his room as they do in my head….

After that excitement I will probably need to do a little packing [right… that will probably take place 30 minutes before we leave tomorrow]. We shipped a bunch of stuff to Casper earlier this week for $14, box included, so we don’t have to check much in the way of luggage at $50 per bag round trip. Oh, Southwest Airlines, why don’t you fly to Casper?

Well, my early morning of blogging is coming to an end. I need to go refill my coffee cup. Rebecca and the kids are still in bed… I am only up because I couldn’t get back to sleep and I wanted to check in on a few auctions on If you haven’t been to, you should check it out. It is an awesome concept. I wish I had thought of it…

Have a great Thanksgiving, all.

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Braelyn’s First Santa Picture

Sunday, November 23rd, 2008

I know, it isn’t even Thanksgiving yet (though that is merely a few days away), but when we visited Oak Park Mall yesterday, you-know-who was already there. And, given the line wasn’t long at this point, we decided to introduce Braelyn to Mr. Santa Claus. She loved him! I wish we had the other pictures they took (the first one was her just looking up at Santa thinking, “who is this guy?”) But, ultimately we decided on this one because her smile was awesome. So, time for you to see Miss Braelyn and Mr. Claus for the first time ever!

Braelyn's First Picture with Santa

Braelyn's First Picture with Santa

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Happy Valentine’s Day

Thursday, February 14th, 2008

I am pretty sure I either put the apostrophe in the wrong place in the title of this entry or if I didn’t, it should be wrong. I’ll leave it to a Pleasant Hill graduate to let me know if I did it right or not.

Anyway, happy Valentine’s (or Valentines’) Day. I had a good one. Rebecca got me the most awesome 10 mega pixel camera with underwater housing for my upcoming scuba diving trip (while we’re on the cruise). How did she know what I wanted?!? Funny thing. I love my Canon EOS30D camera. The waterproof housing for it actually cost more than the new camera I just got (er, Rebecca got for me), and the camera I just got has the housing, an additional lense for under water, and a strobe. I will hopefully be able to take some kick ass photos when we dive in less than a month!

So, a week from yesterday (next Wednesday) we are off to Colorado for a little winter fun. Why not do that a few weeks before a sunshine cruise? Hey, I think it makes sense. I am looking forward to skiing and doing some snowboarding. I suck at snowboarding… well, I have only tried it one trip before, about two or maybe three years ago. This time, I will wear a helmet. I am pretty sure most of my memory loss is due to not wearing a helmet snowboarding. Sounds like a reasonable excuse to me. Better than the alternative… that I may share my grandfather’s disease (the big A). I will lean towards the non-helmet thing for now.

Talked to my friend Bryan Heitman today. He just returned from Keystone skiing (Keystone is where we are going next week). Said the snow was awesome but the wind blew quite a bit (sound familiar, pops?) and that caused the top of the runs to be a bit on the icy side. Hopefully it will improve between now and next Thursday when I will set out (honey, set is the correct usage in this sentence) on my journey to break a leg or my skull. Whatever the conditions may be, we will ski by day and hottub by night. I am anxious to get there. Braelyn will take her first plane ride at 6 weeks. I hope she isn’t “one of those babies” on the plane. You know, the ones I hate being by. Oh well, I will have my noise cancelling Sony earphones (can I get some money from Sony for pimping them?) on and I can pretend I am not with them if she is crying. If she’s not, she’s all mine! Ok, either way, she’s my daughter in the water. Hmmm, Daughter in the Water. If you don’t know, that is a line from one of the songs I am learning on the guitar. It’s called Daighter, and its by Laudon Wainwright III. Watch KNOCKED UP the movie and the song is played during the credits. Oh, why do I explain this to you. You don’t even listen to me.

Moving on. Yesterday, I received one of those unsolicited e-mails. This one was from telling me that some three people have signed my guestbook. But, I must sign up to see who they were. So I did. I paid $15 for 3 months. Didn’t want to pay any further until I see if it’s worth it. Hell, I joined a month ago and have had zero use for it. But, upon siging up for, I saw that a recently updated profile, including picture and more info, belonged to one of my child hood best friends: Casey Peterson. Casey lived two doors south of Kim Boles. Ah, doesn’t do much for ya. Well, he lived a few blocks from me… right by “the pit” — a park. Well, it’s a park now, but when we were in gradeschool, it was a dirt bowl that we used to ride our bikes around. Anyway, I saw that Casey is married to Laura, who was his main girlfriend back in the day. What’s interesting about their marriage is that, according to Casey’s profile on, they lost touch with each other for like seven years before they met up again and, well, made it official. Now they have three beautiful kids and sounds like they are having a great time in Castle Rock, CO. Well, thanks to my subscription to, I was able to shoot off an e-mail to Casey and provide him with my personal e-mail address. I kept it pretty short because I didn’t even know if he would get it. Well, not only did he, but I was pleasantly surprised this morning to wake up to a rather long e-mail from Casey. I was reading it on my way to work this morning through my phone. For the first time in a long time, I actually wanted to hit the stop lights red so I wouldn’t crash while I was reading his e-mail. Anyway, it was great to hear from him. He was able to venture up to Casper to attend our mutual friend’s funeral (Angie Noonan). He said quite a few of our “chums” (his word, not mine!) made it to it. I wish I could have, but heck, I was busy with the big Braelyn and didn’t even learn of her passing until over a week after the event.

Anyway, it was awesome hearing from Casey. It was nice to hear that he and I share similar political views, at least regarding the upcoming election. He closed his e-mail with this, and I hope he doesn’t mind me posting this, but I liked it so I am going to:

PS – If Billary makes it into the White House, I may move to France. Their military would probably be stronger than ours with her in office.

He couldn’t be more right. The same will hold true if Osama, er Obama, is Prez. That isn’t right…. I shouldn’t call him Osama. My bad. Nonetheless, running from Iraq is not in our country’s best interest. We don’t want that to go down in history. Two wrongs don’t make a right.

I digress. Anyway, I mentioned a few posts back that reconnecting with my past was going to be one of my major goals for 2008. Well, thanks to, add one more reconnection to the list. Thanks to Casey for hitting me back and I do hope to see you here in the big OP sooner or later!

Well, I need to go give a hand to Rebecca and the baby. Peace to ya’ll. And best of luck to my nephew Nate who is wrestling in regionals this weekend. Assuming he ends up in the top 4 in his weight class, he will be off to state the following weekend. He’s like 30 and 2 or something this year, so I would say he has a chance. Hope so. He rocks.

Peace to ya’ll. Thanks to Casey for connecting. Keep the HC out of the WH, and Obama, too. Support grandpa McCain for Prez!


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The End of 07

Monday, December 31st, 2007

Not much time to ramble tonight, but I am sitting over at the Murphy’s getting ready for their first New Years Eve party. Can it top the last two we have had at the Elledge Casa? Probably so, considering:

* They are catering the event
* They have a paid bartender coming
* They hired a DJ
* The DJ has a game show set-up

It should be a great time. People will start arriving within the hour, I suppose. So, not much time to reminisce about 2007 right now, but I will tomorrow (headache pending) and what I look forward to in 2008 (of course, Braelyn is at the top of that list!)

I can say that in 2007 I once again quit chewing… I did it in April or May, and haven’t had a one since. But, I know I do want to on numerous occasions (like now). But, I enter 2008 tobacco free.

Catering company just showed up. Time to get back to setting up for the big Murphy Fiesta.

Peace, and be safe this New Years Eve.


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Santa Stopped By Early

Monday, December 24th, 2007

Santa stopped by the house early tonight, not sure why. He came and dropped off a PlayStation 3 for Spencer. Guess he knew Spencer would be going to S.D.’s house tomorrow mid-day and that he might want to play it for awhile before he goes. Just got it hooked up and he’s up there playing it while listening to some Jason Mraz… very loudly, I might add. Rebecca is up loading his new IPOD, courtesy of Grams and Gramps Elledge.

We enjoyed Christmas Eve with Rebeccas mom and dad, along with Chris, Sandy, Cayse and Wyatt. It sure is fun watching the little ones at Christmas. Really makes it a special holiday. I definitely missed being with my family this holiday season, but I spoke with them and they sounded like they were having a great time. Lil Stevie told me to have a Merry Green Bay Christmas. Guess he didn’t check the scoreboard yesterday!

Spencer got me a nice picture for the basement and a cigar ashtray with poker cards on it. Great gifts… though the ashtray will be decoration only. No smoking in this house! The Mom and The Dad got me a nice Broncos pull over, some cK jeans, a Casper Ghosts long sleeve t-shirt, and an excursion for the cruise in March. Rebecca, er, the dawgs, got me a nice pair of silver cuff links… very much needed. Oh, and a new pillow. Seems Hoover decided to chew one of my pillows up last month. So, he got me a new one.

Rebecca and I promised not to buy each other gifts this year as we have spent a ton recently. She didn’t live up to it; I did. Sort of. I did get her a really nice watch the other day for her birthday (and Christmas, but don’t tell her).

Christmas has always been my favorite holiday, but now-a-days, it’s all about giving and making people happy. Cheesy, I know… but it is fun to get people stuff. One of the best things today was watching Hoover literally open his present from Sophie and Maggie in Casper. It was priceless… and I took quite a few pictures. They are uploading now, will take a couple hours for all 175 pictures I took today. All are going under Holidays > Christmas > 2007. Check ’em out.

Merry Christmas all.


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Merry Christmas

Monday, December 24th, 2007

It’s Christmas Eve. Here I am, sitting in my home office. For the first time in my 35 years, I am not spending Christmas with my parents, grandparents, sisters, nephews, nieces, etc. This year, I am here in Kansas but will trek to Missouri this afternoon to spend Christmas Eve with the in-laws. It will be different than I am used to, no doubt. It is difficult to realize that today is different. But, it will still be Christmas and we’ll be with Rebecca’s family… well, my family, too. Just different. Not bad.

To all my family in Wyoming, Colorado, California, Arizona, and whereever else they may be, Merry Christmas. Love you all, and can’t wait to show you the newest Elledge… coming soon!



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